Saturday, January 08, 2005


Bush/Blair BS

From ABC News-
-In Washington, President Bush met with his top ally in the war, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and warned that with Iraqi elections approaching, "the desperation of the killers will grow and the violence could escalate." But he said victory in Iraq would be a blow to terrorists everywhere. -

Desperation? Killers? Terrorists? These three words fit the occupational forces far better than the Iraq insurgency! When are these dolt-heads going to realize that the Iraqi people DO NOT WANT Americans/British orchestrating their national affairs? Who is REALLY desperate here? The actions of the US military in Fallujah are the acts of a desperate killer. They are actions of a killer. They are actions of terrorism. Bush and Blair, two men from affluent and almost royal backgrounds, certainly cannot understand that Iraqis are human beings and cannot be forced around like animals in a feed lot. Iraq has been unjustly attacked and treated in a most inhumane manner.

The insurgents are NOT terrorists! When a nation is unjustly attacked and people fight the attacker/occupier, they are NOT terrorists! They are freedom fighters. Of course, even the term "freedom fighters" can be turned around by a nation like the United States. The Reagan administration illegally supported the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980's as "freedom fighters" against the Sandinista regime, but evidence has shown that the Contras used a campaign of brutal terror against innocent Nicaraguans. Between Nicaragua and Iraq, then, it would seem like a fair definition of "terrorist" would be the party that cannot accept the will of the people and wage acts of terrorism to try and herd the people their way. This fits the United States government to a tee!

Occupational forces have no business in Iraq, other than the prospects of massive earnings off of Iraq's natural resources. The inability of the United States to handle its economy wisely is spilling Iraqi and Afghanistani blood. The United States attacked Iraq on phony and distorted premises and the only conclusion that any fair-minded person can come to is that every act of aggression against Iraqis from this point on is just an add-on to the original war crime of March, 2003. Americans are going to have to realize that the world DOES NOT WANT and IS TIRED of the tough-guy side of American foreign policy and that compassion towards others is a sign of STRENGTH, not WEAKNESS! If Bush wants to ever win a popularity contest in the world, as he recently stole here in the states, he had better heed to this advice.

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