Saturday, January 08, 2005


Bush/Rove Big Lie Technique

Hitler once said something to the effect that "the bigger the lie the more people will believe it". It seems that Bush and Rove are relying on this same thesis concerning voter fraud accusations, not to mention just about every other thing this administration has done. If there were just a few cases of vote fraud and voter machine irregularities, it would be cast aside as just "one of those things" and this would be easy for the people to accept.

The amount of voter fraud accusations and evidence being collected will be even harder for the duped American public to believe OR accept.. The more massive the claims of voter fraud, the more people will tend to assign them to "conspiracy theorists". What will have to happen is similar to Watergate- the process of investigating and prosecuting will have to start with the foot soldiers of the Bush fraud mafia and work its way up the ladder. When enough cards have fallen below, the whole house of cards will start to crash down! Don't count on this Congress, however, to do the work that the Watergate Committee did. It will do everything in its power(at least the GOP hacks will) to keep Bush under cover.

It is going to take a few major media outlets to start reporting the authenticity and seriousness of the situation. The Washington Post dug into the Watergate scandal until President Nixon was forced to resign, even though I still believe that Nixon was set up by the CIA and Pentagon.(Silent Coup, The Removal of a President, by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, 1991) It may take the same thing to get rid of Bush, but the powers that steer him, the same powers that left Nixon out to dry, will remain. If the American people cannot prosecute found cases of vote fraud, then we as supposed citizens in a "democracy" should boycott any and all elections until the problems are cleared up and verified by a citizen's committee not tied to the government!

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