Sunday, January 02, 2005


Bush's "Wartime" Ads

As President Bush's campaign ads started running yesterday, invoking images of 911 and reminding Americans of our "courageous" wartime president, it would certainly do justice to keep the following things in mind:

1) Bush and Co. not only were complicit in 911, but they have been the key instrument in it, covering up evidence and hindering any objective investigation of it. Remember, the cover-up aspect of any crime is probably the most important part- most crimes WILL NOT take place if there is no cover-up mechanism in place.

2) Our "wartime" president presides over conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq that were not authorized by the Congress as is required by the Constitution. Therefore, these are not wars but crimes against humanity(as was the Viet Nam war). The American people DID NOT authorize these wars. Bush's wars are only for the profiteering of his big-time big money corporate associates with the American people picking up the tab.

3) The theme of deception pervades both 911 and its aftermath. The Bush administration has repeatedly lied about or distorted the intelligence it had access to both before 911 and the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. Their manipulation or outright distortion of existing intelligence was geared to nothing more than steering Americans into illegal and immoral wars.

I certainly hope that most Americans are not blinded by what will more-than-likely be a Bush campaign that will appeal to the blind jingoist and patriotic tendencies of people who are not privy to or are in denial about the above information. This is exactly what happened in the aftermath of 911, when the Bush administration, through the complicit media, created fear, anger and hysteria to set up his wars of conquest. People must remember that Bush and Co. CREATED these wars to consolidate and increase its hold on power. Bush is not a wartime president- he is a drugstore commander who has abused the American people and their Constitution! He should be in prison with all of his warmonger associates, not running a popularity contest for reelection!

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