Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Cheney's Scare Tactic

Dumbed-down and scared Americans who listen to Dick Cheney's speech about how electing Kerry-Edwards will encourage another terrorist attack should remember who was in office on September 11, 2001 and LET the WTC and Pentagon attacks occur. The Bush administration had the investigation and intelligence in place to stymie those 911 attacks, but chose to call off investigators and ignore intelligence. Then on 911 itself, our air defenses were stood down so that the airliners could do their damage, helping to justify the repressive war on terror that has been waged since.

To anyone who takes the time to find out more about 911 and doesn't rely on government/media propoganda for their information, it is clearly evident that we have some monstrous criminals residing in high positions of power in this nation. Many Republicans have been brainwashed to see anti-Bush people as Democrats or inspired by Democratic politics. When it comes to the degree of criminal behavior in our own White House, however, the seriousness of the situation transcends party politics. If a person burns down your house, does it matter which political party he belongs to? Of course not. Bush and Co. are slowly-but-surely emasculating the United States and their actions should be labelled for what they truly are- crimes against humanity!

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