Sunday, January 09, 2005


Civil War Has Started

With the supercrime just committed by Bush Republican mafia. robbing the American public of their choice of leader, does anyone think for one moment that an American civil war is heating up and heading for a collision? Just stop and think why anyone would subvert the vote, and the answer that I come up with is desperation. If you know you are probably going to lose and you feel it absolutely necessary to win, you will do what it takes to insure victory.

It is without question that the election was stolen from the people. The people who stole this election took advantage of their cozy and profitable relationships with voting machine corporations and media. They also have a divided America to distract and block out their crimes. This divided America is on the boiling point of civil war in the streets, not just the minds. Funny thing is, if and when people start getting shot at, they probably won't even realize that they are acting on delusions that the government has planted in their heads.

Delusions that we were attacked by a foreign entity on September 11, 2001
Delusions that our very well-being depends on slaughtering innocent people on the other side of the planet.
Delusions that the person who disagrees with you and the government line is an enemy non-combatant.
Delusions that our leaders are there for the good of us Americans.
Delusions that Americans are the good guys.
Delusions that to always be afraid is to survive in this world.

There might be a civil war in the streets, but it will be nothing more than a cock fight for the rich and powerful. The winners of the peasant war will probably then sell their souls to the world's landlords. If and when those landlords want a letting of blood on American streets, they can get it. With the media in their hands, the perceptions of Americans are also in their hands. This is why Republicans and Democrats and all political parties have to try to come together as one and hammer out solutions to the most pressing problems that we face today. This shouldn't be done once every four years, but everyday 24/7! By the lack of dialogue between people we can only drift further apart until that time comes when we take up arms against each other simply because we haven't had an open dialogue.

Yes . . . the civil war never really stopped in this nation. Slavery and racism and discrimination have always been prevalent in this society. Rich have battled poor. Whites have battled blacks . . . and on and on. When will open honest dialogue, a prerequisite to any true democracy, replace the bigotry, ignornace and hate that keeps us all in a perpetual state of war?

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