Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Clean Our House First

An atmosphere of perverse dueling mind sets has arisen in this divided nation. People stand behind their candidates unquestioningly and use the misery of others to justify his actions. Take, for instance, the recent killing of children in car bombings in Baghdad. Bush's arrogant and blind legion of followers can act remorseful and horrified by this tragedy, yet deep inside they are full of glee because the shocking "terrorism" against little children has once again restored their confidence in Bush's judgment that "terrorists" are the enemy that must be pursued at all cost.

To be fair to the Republicans here, I will have to admit that Democrats also show the same veil of sympathy to victims' images, that when shown publicly, make Bush look like the war criminal he is. I AM SURE that pictures of dead and mutilated Iraqi people, children included, if shown to the American public on mainstream media, would illicit shock and outrage at the Bush administration's brutal concept of justice.

While Americans express outrage over the deaths of people around the world, whether attributed to terrorists or coalition nations, deep down inside they celebrate in the deaths of those people that make the other party's leader look bad. In other words, American politics is and has been a scourge on the affairs of the rest of the world. Political profits in the USA are usually gained at the expense of some innocent framed nation or peoples.

As long as our foreign policies are compromised by politics here in the United States, we will never be able to deal with other nations as ONE nation. This means that our policies towards the rest of the world will be of division. It is this very division that feeds and gives "justification" to the United States acting like a policeman for the world. It is like the world is but a mirror that reflects the only superpower at present, the United States. We have to get things in order in our own house before we can begin to present American ideals to the rest of the world!

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