Monday, January 03, 2005


Comforting The "Enemy"

To those who consider antiwar sentiment as aiding, abetting and comforting the enemy, consider the following:

1) Is not having your nation attacked in an unprovoked manner motivation enough to fight the invaders, without "comfort" from antiwar groups around the world, particularly the aggressor nation?

2) Is not seeing your loved ones, your friends and your countrymen slaughtered and humiliated motivation enough to fight the invader?

3) Is not seeing your women and children murdered, mutilated, tortured and raped motivation enough to fight the invader?

4) Is not seeing your nation's infrastructure needlessly destroyed motivation enough to fight the invader?

5) Is not seeing hundreds of thousands of deaths occur as a direct and indirect result of illegal and devastating sanctions imposed on your nation motivations enough to fight the invader?

6) Is not seeing the invader loot and desecrate your heritage and nation motivation enough to fight the invader?

I can go on and on, but I think this makes the point clear enough that no amount of antiwar sentiment, wherever and whenever, is going to make a hoot of difference to people who are defending their very lives and nations against an aggressor. Besides, the fight is NOT against the antiwar movement and/or the American people, but against the leaders who would stamp out antiwar feelings in a stroke if they could.

Furthermore, people who maintain that antiwar sentiment comforts the enemy should remember that MOTIVATION to resist an aggressor, not "comfort" from its antiwar crowd, is the main ingredient in continuing any resistance. Seeing how USA and British troops have treated Iraqis, like they are not even human, these pro-war crybabies have no one to really blame but themselves, their own leaders and military for the degree of resistance encountered in attacking a nation.

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