Monday, January 03, 2005


Congressional Lockstep

Listening to the Senate speeches on C-Span concerning the pro-Israeli/barrier resolution made me want to throw up. I turned it off. Israel is a nation that has broken or disobeyed more UN Resolutions than any other nation, by far. Israel is the Duke of UN violators. Senator after Senator made their way to the podium and predictably repeated the Israel-is-and-has-always-been-the-good-guy theme, and must be protected, if nothing more than just for the principle of it. Have not these Senators of esteem and social stature taken the time to look at the misery and horror that our ally Israel has laid at the doorstep of their neighbors, the Palestinians?

Has politics finally totally clouded out the principles of human kindness and compassion? This whole scenario reminds me of one of those old WW2 movies that showed the feared German armies marching in perfect lockstep, orders emanating from the Supreme Commander Hitler. This Congress is no different then those Nazi troops who carried out Hitler's orders. They were blinded to morality in a truly human sense and millions died as a result. Our Congress is marching lockstep.

Someone with a little moral courage has to step to the plate to end this madness, risking his career/life in the process. I suppose they don't breed Kennedys and Kings and Gandhis anymore, public servants that stood against the insane flow of militarism and paid for it with their lives. This US Congress is an embarrassment, should be an embarrassment, to all freedom-loving Americans, but unfortunately, most of us have been brainwashed to see Israel as the all-time classic victim of aggression that must be protected at all costs, even if for nothing more than for the principle of it! It is time to cast outdated principles aside and look at the reality of the situation.

Palestinians are being horribly abused by the Israelis. If the United States is to regain some international standing it MUST make every effort to put an end to Israeli aggression. Any leader who subscribes to violence in the Israeli/Palestinian situation should be quickly condemned by our elected representatives, not rewarded with billions of dollars to further strengthen their military. Is this nation so hypocritically blind that we can justify attacking Iraq partially on the basis of a "ruthless" dictator, yet we allow Ariel Sharon and his hatchet men to wreak havoc on innocent civilians in the West Bank? It is high time for Congress to hold BOTH sides accountable in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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