Saturday, January 01, 2005


Controlling Afghanistan

If the United States has "won" the war in Afghanistan, why does it have to selectively bomb houses to kill suspected "terrorists"? Has anyone ever heard of a police force, empowered to search for and capture people outside the law? Obviously this type of law enforcement demonstrates the desperate situation that our military and government find themselves in in propagating their War On Terror. The leaders of the War On Terror cannot even muster up enough reliable policing forces to make arrests of suspected "terrorists". When you have to drop a bomb in a civilian neighborhood, even if the bomb is a precision-guided one, it only shows that you are really powerless and have to resort to violence to accomplish your ends.

I realize that becoming a policeman for an occupying force carries tremendous personal risk, but killing innocent civilians in the process of trying to kill a suspected "terrorist" can only serve to further embitter the people being bombed towards the occupying nation. How many Americans can truly say that if a nation occupying us killed their family and friends in the process of eliminating a suspected "terrorist" they could forgive and forget? Whatever explanation and/or apology that comes from our military and government, the very process of endangering innocent civilians this way is unpardonable. ANYONE who operates outside the rule of law is an outlaw in my book, regardless of the reasons.

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