Sunday, January 02, 2005


Cowardice and Complicity With Israel

"The United States urges all sides to remain calm and exercise restraint."

This is the official United States response to the murder of Hamas founder Sheik Yassin?!?! So I suppose Americans stayed calm after 911? No . . . their government propagandized them into an anti-Arab hate frenzy to justify their attacks on Arab nations. Our leaders display the ultimate in hypocrisy in urging "calm and restraint" when they themselves have constantly instigated Americans to act just the opposite in response to alleged Arab/Muslim offenses.

We attacked Afghanistan and Iraq without an open objective investigation to determine who REALLY carried out the 911 attacks. The media constantly trumpeted the "Arabs did it" theme to a gullible and hysterical American public. Did our leaders exercise restraint when UN weapons inspectors tried to do their duty before Bush just went ahead and attacked Iraq anyway?

How would Americans feel if one of our own national heroes was murdered by an attack from another nation, a nation that had brutalized American citizens unjustly for years? What if George Washington had been assassinated by the English after the Revolutionary War? What if we had a true national hero who stood up against foreign aggression against innocent American civilians, only to be murdered by the aggressor nation? Americans seemingly cannot put the shoe on the other foot because they are too blind to even see their own feet! How does a person feel being tied to the ground and being constantly kicked by his(her) tormentors?

The official response by the State Department is nothing more than rubbing salt in the wounds of all Palestinians and peace-loving people. Once again, our "brave" leaders have shown their cowardice and complicity in not condemning Israeli state-sponsored terrorism against basically unarmed Palestinians. The danger that this creates for Americans and all peace-loving peoples of this planet can only lead me to apply one term to our leaders- traitors! If Palestinian terrorism is wrong, then Israeli terrorism must be branded similarly by the United States. As long as double standards rule the day, there can be no openings to peace.

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