Sunday, January 02, 2005


Deny The Obvious

Americans have been brainwashed to reject the obvious(if that is what the government wants) and accept the improbable. This behavior has been helpful in covering up government misconduct and crimes for many years. The government relies on the blind allegiance of most Americans to get away with actions that are not really representative of Americans. One of the main ingredients of the brainwashing campaign is the denial that many people possess that their government cannot do anything wrong, WOULD NOT do anything wrong. This is the ultimate of naivete when one starts to take a good hard look at the real unadulterated facts.

Americans are quick to accept that crooks seems to permeate the corporate world nowadays, while failing to acknowledge that the people in high places in our governmet are all former or present corporate bigwigs. Why would the corporate corruption cease, especially with the bigger prize of political power at their disposal?

When it comes to pre-911 warnings that the government ignored, most Americans seem to accept that the "terrorists" plans were not specific enough for the Bush administration to counter. This way of viewing the situation stems from the "denial" factor in the brainwashing formula mentioned above. There are other ways of looking at this episode, some that carry far more sense in light of what we now know about 911.

1) Bush administration KNEW about the 911 plans and allowed them to unfold, seeing in them an opportunity to take advantage of public hysteria to wage war.
2) Bush administration not only knew about the 911 attack plans, but had to allow them to goon because of its knowledge of who was really behind them.
3) Bush administration not only knew of the plans, but were complicit in them.

These three scenarios are far more believable than what the administration wants us to believe. Throw in the 911 stand-down of NORAD air defenses and the post-911 non-investigation and cover up by Bush and Co. and you having the icing on the cake of government complicity in 911! Unfortunately, most Americans will close their eyes to these more obvious scenarios because of their ridiculous blind denial of everything critical of "their" government.

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