Saturday, January 01, 2005


Dis-information Divides Americans

Even immediately after 911, when the slogan "United We Stand" emerged as if on cue, I knew that this phrase was a distortion as far as the American people were concerned. I am sure the vast majority of Americans were galvanized by the shocking nature of the attacks, but there were and are many independent-thinking people who harbored questions the moment the World Trade Centers collapsed, not getting caught up in the government/media emotional stampeding.

Having done my own studies in recent American history, and not taking what the media force-feeds the public for granted, I was one who had suspicious initial impressions of the attacks the moment I heard about them. Knowing full well that our government has blatantly lied to the American public for the past 40-50 years, you might say I was prepared to NOT get caught up in the flag-waving retaliation mentality that the government fostered post-911. Anyone who has even a modest background on the following subjects would HAVE to entertain questions about the government version of 911:

1) Operation Northwoods
2) President Kennedy assassination
3) Martin Luther King assassination
4) Robert Kennedy assassination
5) CIA covert black ops
6) Reagan attempted assassination
7) TWA Flight 800 explosion
8) KAL 007 shootdown
9) Waco Branch Davidian massacre
10) Oklahoma City Bombing
11) Ruby Ridge standoff
12) 2000 election Florida non-recount

I could go on and on, but this list is enough, I believe, to establish a pattern of government lying. The ironic thing about this is that Americans have so many outlets available to access REAL information on these incidents, not having to rely on the mainstream media. Unfortunately, most Americans are either unaware of this vast cache of "alternative" news or just don't care enough to access it, feeling comfortable enough with what the government is telling them. For many Americans, also, it is a case of denial in not wanting to believe something that goes so counter to what they have been brainwashed to accept as "truth".

The most important feature of any democracy is the authenticity of the information that people can access. With reliable and accurate information at their disposal, people are better equipped to make decisions. The problem with the United States is that the information that is broadcast to the people by the mainstream media is nothing more than a one-sided story(if not a total lie) designed to make people feel and act a certain way(brainwashing). When the government is trying to sell something to the people, like war, the complaint media only presents the prosecution side of the story with any defense or opposing viewpoints completely censured. How would any sensible person feel being tried for a crime with no defense available to them?

Not only does media dis-information keep people in the dark, but also it divides Americans based on what people know and don't know. I am quite certain that if all Americans were aware of the inconsistencies and outright lies that dominate the list above, we would be a much stronger and healthier nation today. This is based upon the assumption that Americans are indeed good and compassionate people when they are not being goaded into hate and vengeance by the government.

Americans ARE divided, not united, when it comes to just about every issue that faces them nowadays, not because one side is right and another side is wrong, but because some of us are getting real accurate information on and others are caught up in the deceit of the government. The government wants us to believe that we are united, yet it certainly nows that a REALLY united populace, fostered by real and accurate information available to everyone, is the biggest threat to any deceitful government! "United We Stand" should not refer to just those who blindly embrace this government, but to every American who has to pay taxes to support it.

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