Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Dividing and Occupying Iraq

What the United States' unprovoked attack on Iraq has done, even though you wouldn't know it through the Western media, is to unify the people of Iraq against the attackers. Obviously, a unified Iraq(or any nation for that matter) poses a grave threat to United States interests in Iraq. Continuance of the occupation is uncalled if the Iraqi people are generally unified and primed to initiate self-rule. Iraqi self-rule, REAL self rule, and not puppet rule through US handlers, is a direct threat to undermine what the attack was all about in the first place: to control Iraq's vast oil reserves.

Anytime Americans see news reports about "terrorist" bombings in Iraq directed by one group of Iraqis against another, I am sure it gives many of us a further "justification" for attacking Iraq in the first place- the people are supposedly backwards and brutal and cannot go at it alone without destroying themselves in the process. Also, these attacks, supposedly carried out by Muslims against Muslims, serve to divide the people, or at least give the appearance of divisiveness, thus insuring further US occupation to "settle" the situation.

American and British tactics in Iraq have caused resentment and unbridled anger against the occupiers. The resistance in Iraq is not a small group of extremist Islamists fighting to the death to expel the occupiers. Because of the tremendous amount of deaths to innocent civilians, not to mention the prison torture scandals, as well as the looting of Iraqi treasures and museums and vast destruction to Iraqi infrastructure, the resistance is actually a GENERAL rebellion against the occupation. This is not to mention the many Iraqis who stood behind Saddam Hussein, seeing a true protector in him against the encroachment of western capitalism.

Taking this all into account, it presents a far different picture as to who really stands to gain by the "terrorist" bombings being committed in Iraq. Personally, I don't think the Bush administration and its blood-thirsty morally-pepugnant group of intellectual thugs could care less about innocent defenseless civilians anywhere in the world, as long as they don't get in the way of their imperial designs on other nations' resources! The continuation of war and bloodshed only makes their agenda that much simpler with nations in their sights divided and ripe for conquer.

The US attack has united much of Iraq, and rightfully so. If the United States is now or has ever really been sincere in giving Iraqi people democracy and self-rule, now is the time to show it and get out of Iraq! Unfortunately, the proper time for disengagement has long past and any US withdrawal at this point will undoubtedly create a power vacuum that will throw Iraq into bloody civil war. These Bush boys really know their world politics, don't they? They are really making the world a better place to live- or at least they would have you believe!

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