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Thomas Jefferson once asserted that a nation cannot be both free and uninformed. Based on this criteria, how can we truly consider the United States a free nation? The degree of ignorance and misinformation among Americans nowadays is staggering and tragic. The frustrating irony to all of this is that we live in a time where there are so many outlets of information available to the public- libraries, books, the internet- yet people choose to remain acquiescent, if not fooled, by the "knowledge" that our government wants us to accept as "truth". Most people prefer the mainstream media outlets that espouse the official lines of the government. This is how the government can continue to get away with unconstitutional if not illegal acts against its supposed constituents and other nations.

I think most people would have to agree with the assertion that the more ignorant and uninformed a person is, the more prone he is to being fooled by lies. This is the main problem in the United States nowadays. Most Americans, for example, blindly cling to the official 911 scenario of Arab terrorist culpability despite the tremendous amount of available information that points the blame in another direction. In the past 50 years alone there have been numerous major incidents, such as the Kennedy and King assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, TWA Flight 800 crash, where the government version has been generally accepted, even though the evidence in these cases doesn't come anywhere close to confirming the official lines! These events are but the tip of the iceburg if people really want to start doing research on government unaccountability towards the American public.

When Americans are lied to and fooled, they are in a position no greater than a participant in a lynch mob would be. Tyranny relies on manipulating the people through lies, goading them in a direction that the state wants them to take. This is how wars are started and orchestrated- by first terrorizing or angering the population and then directing that fear and anger to a certain "enemy". Anyone who cannot see this pattern in American wars of recent years is being totally naive. If a vast majority of Americans could see above the lies and misrepresentations of their government we would not have had the fiasco of Viet Nam or the current nightmares in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, you cannot blame Americans completely: the instruments of propaganda are powerful and all-encompassing.

Harking back to Mr. Jefferson- just what will it take for Americans to finally be motivated to call the government's bluff? I believe it will take a catastrophic event which touches Americans in a more personal way. The tragedy of 911 was indeed profound, but the media trumpeted it far beyond its true scope. 3,000 Americans died on 911, while over one million Iraqis have perished as a direct or indirect result of USA actions the past 13 years! In other words, an American may whine and preach about the tragedy of 911, but how many of us were really truly personally affected by it? How many of us lost loved ones on 911? I am afraid that most of the post-911 "trauma" has been media-induced and fed. It is going to take a real tragedy, one that touches MOST Americans in a very real personal way, before people ever have the motivation to find out who is behind all of this militarization and terrorism nowadays. Until we do, we are definitely not a free nation!

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