Saturday, January 01, 2005


DUH-nial and Death

What kind of country has the United States become where we are willing to sacrifice our young people without making an honest effort to verify the government's reasons for war? In fact, not only are Americans not willing to do this, but they have a knee jerk tendency to ALWAYS support any war that the United States engages in without any critical or analytical thought. This nation is suffering from a strong case of DUH-NIAL in that many people cannot even begin to consider their government lying to them, even though it has been happening basically since the beginning of the American Republic in 1776!

Anyone who will not or refuses to take the time to verify government claims is a traitor in my book. Blind allegiance and acceptance of government dictates runs totally counter to the supposed "American way". If the United States is truly a democracy that we hold up in front of an envious world then the people should be informed enough to help decide the policies that their tax dollars support. This is certainly not the case as people are becoming more insulated every day from the decision-making process that we call democracy. This cannot be totally blamed on Americans, who have been kept in the dark and brainwashed by the government/media for years to accept the improbable and deny the obvious!

If anyone out there has been called un-American by one of these blind "patriots" for questioning or trying to educate others on what the government is really doing, I can only tell you that you are far more patriotic and American for upholding your right as Americans to hold your government accountable. And for the people who have children who could possibly be involved in unjustified wars in the future, but do not take the time to educate themselves on American political/military realities, not only am I unwilling to call you a good American, I am not even going to consider you a good parent!

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