Sunday, January 09, 2005


Even If Bush Did Win . . .

Even if George Bush DID win the election by getting more votes, he won it by using deception, lies and scare tactics, three things that certainly have no place in a real democracy. We certainly have a voting system crisis in this land, but the biggest crisis that faces Americans is the crisis of ignorance that grips this nation. Imagine if you will a lynch mob which is in the process of hanging someone for something he didn't do. A lynch mob always has a leader that eggs the crowd on without any real consideration of the facts as to whether the person to be lynched is innocent or guilty.

What it takes to get a lynch mob going is usually just hatred(anger) and ignorance(or fear). Sound familiar? This is exactly the same method that the Bush administration uses every day in its dealings with the American public. Someone always seems to be on the defensive from the American "lynch mob", whether it be Iraqi insurgents, Taliban, gay couples, Hugo Chavez, Osama Bin Laden . . . it is a never-ending litany of trumped-up charges that emanate from the White House. As long as this administration can keep the lynch mob active like this, they can retain a guaranteed base of support from people who are either afraid, ignorant, hateful, angry or a combination of these traits.

Even with a FAIR voting system, the uses of deception and dis-information are still big problems that need be addressed. Many Americans have lived in this lynch mob atmosphere so long now that they are brainwashed to perceive the world as always being inhabited by someone who is threatening them and their rights. In a peaceful world, the real threats that we face would be dealt with in an international manner, cooperating with intelligence and law enforcement agencies from around the world. When a nation takes it upon itself to deal with "threats", it can only mean that there is something that that nation has to hide. Unilaterlism displays an open disregard for the rights and views of other nations.

Those people who would scrap the idea of the United Nations show no respect for the rest of the world. In a civilized world, diplomacy MUST always take precedence over war. Leaving other nations out of the equation of American security only demonstrates a blind arrogance, a racism if you will. The Bush administration, like other administrations before them, displays a sort of unilateralism towards the American public too. By not letting the public see the real facts and truth of its policies and actions around the world and here in the states, it is leaving Americans out of the equation of our foreign and domestic policies.

One has to only consider Henry Kissinger's attitude towards the Chilean elections in the early 70's that put Salvadore Allende in power. Kissinger stated that elections of such magnitude and importance to US national security were best NOT left up to the people of Chile to decide. This is paraphrasing Kissinger. As we all know, Allende's government was overthrown in a CIA-instigated plot and replaced by a ruthless military dictatorship that executed thousands of political opponents. This type of arrogant attitude apparently has come home to roost in the good ol' USA!

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