Sunday, January 02, 2005


The Fascist War Filter

There is a famous saying that the cream always rises to the top. As it goes in war, particularly in a war with no justification other than expansionist conquest, that "cream" will take the character of the very war which is being waged. Americans have to be totally naive, along with the rest of the world, if they think British and Amerrican occupying forces in Iraq can tow the line of "civilized" war rules in fighting a war that eminates from the corporate greed and immorality of their leaders. Eventually war will always take on the character of its true leaders, and the American people are NOT the originators of this insane war!

Everytime we are alerted to atrocities in Iraq(and Afghanistan) there is almost a knee-jerk reaction on the part of the administration and military leadership to insulate themselves from the charges of war crimes. This is necessary because the policies that are carried out by our muilitary, ALL policies being carried out by soldiers who are following orders from above, originate from our leaders in the White House, pure and simple. Certainly any group of leaders who are willing to slaughter thousands of innocent civilians in an already-proven unnecessary war will not be the least bothered in torturing and killing war prisoners for whatever reason. It should come as no shock at all the stories coming from Iraq about such actions by British and USA military troops.

As far as the "cream" alluded to above, the soldiers who are "fit" to carry out atrocities against occupied people find themselves emplaced in these roles, as in prison torture squads or death squads or what-have-you. They may not represent the moral norm of the troops, but in an occupying force of over 100,000, you can be sure that enough "monsters" will be available to carry out these sickening details against innocent people. In the Old West days here in the United States, many times a posse was rounded up to go catch someone and either execute him or bring him back to face trial. In the Iraq conflict, there is also a "posse" in place to do the dirty work of torture and assassination and outright terrorism of the civilian population.

This "posse" is the cream of Bush's military and can be counted on to do his dirty work. It is not an aberration of the military but a force that has been established by policy from the White House. When we see and hear of the atrocities in Iraq and elsewhere, we are not staring military-action gone-berserk in the eye, but our very own monstrous blood-thirsty leaders. One only has to look at the treatment of the Palestinians by Israelis to further understand how our military can behave so inhumanely at times. Israel is one of the prime advisors in Iraq, you can be sure of that! It is high time for the American people to hold our government TOTALLY responsible for any and all actions of our military in Iraq, especially since our leaders were the ones who started this immoral slaughetr in the first place.

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