Saturday, January 01, 2005


The Fox Hunt

President Bush seems unable to hide his gloated contempt now that Saddam Hussein has been found. I say “found”, because according to even the Western media, Hussein seemed “resigned” to his fate. He wasn't really trying to fight the troops looking for him. I'm sure he had buttons left to push, even in his desperate state. I suppose he just got tired of the fight.

Getting back to the gloating president, I have to ask myself- "Was Hussein REALLY such a prized prey?" Consider the following:

1) he did not threaten the world around him

2) he had no weapons of mass destruction

3) he was grossly over-matched militarily

4) it DID take nine months for the occupiers to find Hussein, long enough for the subject of Hussein’s capture to vanish from the public’s mind (since there was no statute of limitations on catching Hussein I suppose the troops just took their time)

5) Bush’s troops had to kill and maim thousands of innocent Iraqis before finding Hussein

6) not once did Bush try to diplomatically reconcile with Hussein in a live public forum

7) not once did the American public here the IRAQIS side of the story in all this, NOT ONCE

8) Hussein’s sons were executed, a good way to break down a father’s will

9) “terrorist” acts were implicitly ascribed to Hussein, making any eventual “capture” of him carry maximum effect to the public

10) President Bush basically kicked Saddam while he was down in a big way, further suggesting to me that he doesn't really appreciate his catch as much as he would want you to believe.

All in all, I see the capture of Hussein as no different than a fox hunt- the aristocratic oil barons can sip their precious liqueurs tonight and toast the fox’s capture.

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