Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Genocide In Iraq

“The United States is committing genocide in Iraq.”

Many people would react to this statement by claiming that since there
are no concentration/death camps in Iraq, this is a gross distortion of
reality. However, when the killing of a certain group of people, in this
case Iraqis, becomes a regular everyday occurrence that becomes less and
less a problem on the collective conscience of the aggressor nation, then
it is genocide.

One must bear in mind that a “crime” is not a crime until it has been
prosecuted and dealt with as such. As long as the indiscriminate killing
of Iraqis goes on, America inches closer and closer to a nation bent on
nothing more than genocide. The problem is supposedly bringing “freedom
and democracy” to Iraq. The actual problem is that the more people that
you have to kill to force your democracy and freedom on others, the less
you are going to have to enjoy that freedom and democracy if and when it

Eventually any capitulation on the part of Iraq will be one of an
emasculated culture just bent on human survival, even if it means licking
the shit off of America’s high boots. The “genocide” will be complete-
Iraqis “free”, slaves to the American capitalist plantation.
Yes, my fellow Americans, we are committing genocide in Iraq, much the
same way that early white settlers committed genocide against native
American Indians. In those days, treaties between white settlers and
Indians were constantly broken by the white man, needing his space to
expand manifestly by the will of God. His God just happened to have
bigger guns and faster war vehicles, so he road roughshod over a proud

This is the very same picture in Iraq. Americans are under the illusion
that they and only they can be the good guys coming to the rescue of the
world’s “problems”. This is the sick mindset that is currently trampling
Iraqis to death in a morbid show of moral righteousness. It is one thing
and one thing only- it is genocide!

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