Monday, January 03, 2005


George Bush vs. US Military

In the 1950's the Joe McCarthy hearings on communist subversion in the United States seemed to divide this nation into two categories basically- those who knew what the government was up to and those who got caught up in the red hysteria. This hysteria became a directing tool for the government and politicians to get guaranteed responses from a certain sector of the population- mind control if you will. Communists were everywhere if you believed the government line. An atmosphere of terror and distrust was created- two important ingredients in any war-based society. People were afraid to speak out against McCarthy for fear of being red smeared.

The biggest tragedy of the McCarthy hearings, in my view, was the blurring of the delineations of people's thoughts and feelings. There was a "you are either with us or you are against us" type of mentality on the land. Of course, George Bush used this phrase after 911 in a quick kill of all human delineations of thought and feelings- what better way to get the war party going. Speaking of the present, Bush's rhetoric and actions harken back to the McCarthy witch-hunt days when even the military was fair game for the red-baiters. And the way the war is going in Iraq it looks like once again, as in the McCarthy hearings, it will be the president vs. the military in a final showdown of character. I would NOT vote against the troops and their commanders on this one!

President Bush simply cannot compete with the military in a showdown of character, because the general public will ALWAYS side with their troops and commanders vs. the president. Just the fact that there is conflict in the first place indicates problems with the civilian leadership. Remember, military commanders and soldiers go to school to earn the right to carry out their roles. The president has to basically swindle, back stab, cheat, murder(you get the point) to be able to attain his role as Commander-In-Chief. Our troops are shedding blood for a supposed cause laid out by that Commander-In-Chief. It better damn well be a good plan, better than any plan the military commanders, the ones who went to school, can come up with!

The only tool George Bush has against the military in a moral showdown with the military is the tool of deception. Unfortunately, in a poker game I like the military's chances. They have a far better hand. Basically, the prerequisites for military far outweigh morally the prerequisites for high public office. A true democracy will show its welcome head once again because the military is actually a militia of the people. If and when it approaches a private mercenary force for our corporate-corrupted leaders, then it will get interesting indeed. When the armed forces become corrupted we will have civil war once again.

So when you listen to George Bush, try to get past his "for us or against us" John Wayne show and remember that the world is not all black and white. We actually have what is called differing opinions and these opinions are supposed to be put in this giant cooking pot(debate) and simmered for an indefinite period of time. When the stew is ready we have what you called true democratic process. By terrorizing away these opinions, George Bush is stifling out the very breath of democracy!

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