Saturday, January 08, 2005


God Won The Election?

Re: Evangelicals are crediting God with securing re-election victory for Bush

The problem with these so-called religious right people is that they seem to have completely forgotten that this nation was founded because our forefathers escaped religious intolerance in England and came to the new world, which is now these United(?) States. Unfortunately, that same religious intolerance seems to be catching up with us again, only this time Americans who want to escape have really no other "new world" to escape to.

Yes, my little revolutionary wannabes, it is up to us to somehow open up people's minds to what is REALLY happening in the world. The movie "The Matrix" doesn't seem so fictional now! Americans are locked into a propagandic stupor. The version of events presented to them by the media is no less fictional than the "Wizard of Oz". People do not want to admit that they have been suckered, but my fellow Americans, George Bush and his merry minions of propagandists are suckering Americans big-time.

The religious right(whatever they're called) is having a field day while being suckered at the same time. Try to tell one of them that Bush is a liar and a murderer . . . you might get attacked. But this is a factual statement that we can all show to be true if only given the chance by these close-minded it's-ok-to-bomb-heathen-peoples Jesus freaks. When Christ was dying on the cross, he implored God the Father to forgive those who had persecuted him, for they "know not what they do."

I suppose a by-the-book Christian would forgive Bush for his murderous policies, because he "knows not what he does", but I can't accept that any good "Christian" can ascribe to policies that not only endanger human life, but eliminate it.

Karl Marx wrote that religion is the "opiate of the masses." George Bush has given his "moral" followers a real good chunk of opium

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