Saturday, January 08, 2005


Gore, Kerry Threatened With Wellstone Episode?

One explanation I can come up with for Al Gore's nonparticipation and John Kerry's concession in the 2004 election is that both of them got threats from some covert group working for the War Party in DC. In Kerry's case, you have to wonder why the man was the candidate in the first place, inexplicably rushing past Howard Dean in the Iowa caucuses and never looking back. Howard Dean would have made President Bush look like the clueless man he is alot more than Kerry bothered too. I believe that this is why Kerry, with help from some of Bush's covert vote stealers and media hounds, grabbed the democratic candidacy as easily as he did. It seems that Kerry was the designated loser by the hidden government, someone it could trust to not make too many waves. Kerry's quick concession certainly indicates this possibility.

The irony to all this is that the Democratic Party had about ten candidates to the Republicans' one incumbent candidate, yet all of the former candidates were FAR MORE QUALIFIED to lead this nation than Bush. Did vote fraud also give John Kerry his candidacy? I believe it did, along with a blessing from the pro-Bush media. It was a fraud dress rehearsal for the November election. Bush, Rove and Co. knew which candidate(Kerry or Dean) would best give the appearance of a fair election yet have more things in his past to distort in a smear campaign. Dean was the far brighter of the two men and they did not want a head-to-head showdown with someone with organizing genius! Anyone who can get himself elected running against the War Party risks personal harm or even death, and this is no exaggeration! The Kennedys found this out in the 60's! Ronald Reagan found out in 1981 while he WAS president, barely escaping an assassination attempt that was never investigated in the least.

As it turned out, Kerry DID beat Bush but had it stolen by vote fraud. Bush and Rove underestimated the amount of anger and frustration of American voters who voted for the second best Democratic candidate available, John Kerry. When I heard about Kerry's concession, my first impression, my gut feelings, was that something was definitely not right and out of whack of the natural political chain of events. Under the circumstances, Kerry by all rights should have waited until ALL votes had been accounted for and/or all cases of apparent fraud and/or machine malfunction investigated. Kerry would have had the support of the majority of Americans, I am sure, but his concession only will make it that much harder to crack the collective conscience of this nation, especially now that he will be seen as a quitter by his own party.

Either Kerry is a wolf in sheep's clothing, or he was threatened, along with family members, with harm or even death! Anyone who thinks that many events in this nation are not orchestrated to hide the real power players is sadly naive. Kerry's concession did not make any sense at all considering all that had happened up to that point. This is like someone walking 5000 miles for a drink of water and then giving it to someone. A normal politician with any balls and integrity would have NOT conceded like Kerry did!

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