Saturday, January 01, 2005


Hate Mongering Media

If Rwandan media executives are guilty of genocide, then what category of liability do we put our own media executives? Obviously the media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government, so by holding media executives guilty we are in a sense punishing the foot soldiers of the hate mongering campaigns. Those people in the government that use hate and scare tactics to expedite their political agendas are the ones who should feel the main brunt of genocide prosecutions.

Lt. William Calley was found guilty of mass murder in the Mai Lai massacre in Viet Nam, but shouldn't his superiors as well as the government which put troops in Viet Nam share this same guilt? Media hate-mongering is usually the result of some government agenda, and the people who carry out the actual hate crimes are in a sense victims themselves, caught up in a frenzy that someone else instigated. Prosecuting these people does not really get to the core causes of the hate.

Nazi soldiers in WW2 committed atrocities because, in their own words, they were "following orders". Failure to do so would have been catastrophic to many of them and maybe their loved ones. The proponents of the master race, the ones who preached the inferiority of people to be liquidated in a Final Solution, bare the main brunt of guilt here. Once the gates of genocide are opened up, killing becomes alot easier for the executioners, almost a sport to replace hate as the motivation for the killing.

USA troops killing Iraqis certainly had to go through some sort of prewar briefing to gear them for their mission. The justifications used to invade Iraq were far-reaching and false, but how many soldiers actually were aware of this as they sped across the vast Iraqi deserts on the way to their prey? As American soldiers were killed I am sure a tremendous amount of hate towards Iraqis was added on to this prewar indoctrination, causing many troops to overreact in their killing of innocent people or surrendering soldiers. Who should share the guilt here? The people in our government that put the troops there in the first place should share the most guilt, because without their program of deception and hate-mongering towards Iraq none of this would have ever happened.

If there are going to be prosecutions for genocide, the people to be prosecuted should be the originators of the hate campaigns, not just the ones caught up in it. You don't blame the fire for burning down a house, you blame the person who struck the match.

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