Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Hate Politics Rule America

President Bush is taking the Republican Party on a road that leads straight to a cliff, and at the rate it is traveling it will drive over it in the near future. The Bushes have commandeered the Republican Party for their own profitable use and are destroying it by abusing the most basic principles of American democracy. The Republican Convention in New York was nothing more than an orgy of hate and derision directed a anyone who disagrees with the policies of this administration.

President Bush, the man who campaigned as a uniter of the American people, has become the greatest divider of this nation probably since the Civil War. His "for us or against us" mentality has created a polarization of people in this nation instead of an open forum where issues are supposed to be discussed in a democratic manner. His bullying tactics remind me very much of Senator Joe McCarthy, the anti-communist pariah who led this nation through one of its worst nightmares in the 1950's, accusing anyone with even the slightest taint of liberalism as being a communist threat to this nation. McCarthy finally crashed before the nation's eyes as political leaders and Americans for the most part finally got tired of his hate and fear-mongering. He was censured by the Congress.

President Bush has created a schism between Democrats and Republicans by smearing anyone who disagrees with him in certain shades of un-Americanism. He seems to be totally unaware that the most basic right of Americans is the right to disagree and dissent from government policies. His actions and the policies of his administration are very foreign to the principles that this nation was founded upon. I suppose that when you are brought up in a wealthy environment , with massive political power at your beck and call, you do not develop a reverence for the rights of the people, just for what you can get away with with your inherited powerful and wealthy position in society. President Bush's actions show not only a disregard for the interests of the common American, but a DISDAIN!

History has shown, however, that socio/political movements based on hate and fear always get more isolated as time goes on as they get self-consumed by their own hatred. I am sure that Americans will eventually see the light once again and tire of Bush and Co.'s ceaseless hate and scare rhetoric. Unfortunately, before Americans are finally fed up with it, many lives will be harmed and/or destroyed. President Bush has only one card to play to stay in power, and that is appealing to the worst in people- their ignorance, their fears, their hatred, their bias- all the things that are cancerous to true democracy.

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