Monday, January 03, 2005


Independence Day Observance

On this 4th of July, the USA's 237th birthday, I would like to wish Uncle Sam a happy birthday. I would also like to pose a few questions to the American people:

How can we truly call ourselves Americans when our military is in the hands of a powerful few and is butchering innocent people on a daily basis overseas? Is this the ideal that our founding fathers strove to introduce to the new world?

Are we that far gone morally and conscientiously to not even stop and consider the TRUE merits of our policies towards less fortunate nations?

How can we act like we are the victims of terrorism because of 911, when our military is unleashing an infinite amount of 911's on an innocent people, defenseless(we were with defenses on 911, our leaders just didn't use them, and for obvious reasons)?

Why do we flock to the dictates and propaganda of our leaders when the teaching of our youth, from our parents, families, schools, etc. should be enough to carry on as good responsible American citizens? Why the need for so much "pro-American" propaganda now? Are our values being guided to suit the greed of powerful interests?

How can we go to our social events- our parties, games, school events, church, etc.- like nothing is wrong with our nation? How can we robotically go about our lives while our leaders carry on a massacre of innocent civilians?

When are we truly going to realize that this government by decree is the people's, not the oil companies, the CIA, the banks or any of the powerful ineterests that daily corrupt the moral fabric of our ruling system? When will learn to speak up and back up that right to speak out by saying "I AM the government!"?

When will we start to put our professions of compassion and peace to practice and set aside the military options as a last last resort to anything!

If you can stop what you are doing and at least consider a few of these questions, hopefully with some friends, then maybe you will observe the 4th of July in a far more patriotic manner than any those fireworks gawkers!

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