Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Insurgent Attacks In America?

WASHINGTON (AP) - Standing beside Iraq's interim leader, President Bush contended Thursday that insurgents could "plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations," if the United States pulled out. He said his top commander there has not asked for more troops but if he did, "I'd listen to him."

Are you kidding me? The Iraqis are fighting to expel the occupying forces, losing many people in the process, and the President is saying that if those occupying forces leave the "insurgents" are going to provide justification for another attack on their nation by committing attacks on American soil? Geez!!! Give me a break! I suppose the president, in all of his universal wisdom, realizes that Iraqis love to go through the hell of a foreign occupation, so they would gladly attack the USA to provoke another attack and occupation. My God . . . this is our president's reasoning? How did we ever fall so low, America?

If the United States pulls troops out of Iraq the Iraqi people would manage their own affairs just fine, given the absence of provocateurs who want to continually ignite war. If the occupying forces left Iraq and there WAS an attack on American soil, it would be so easy for the government to frame Iraqis to a gullible and misinformed American public. It would be attack-Iraq-on-phony-premises all over again!

As long as Americans are unable to see through the smoke screen and see this administration's true intentions toward the Middle East, there is going to be a continual media/government spin directed to a gullible American public to frame Arabs for any and all acts of violence. Bush is just creating options for himself in this speech- if the troops remain he wins and if they leave he easily wins and gets another war through a staged terror attack, allegedly carried out by Iraqi "insurgents", who, of course, would have every reason to hate Americans(this would be the government's line . . . it isn't mine).

Just the fact that our president would stand beside a "leader" that shot six Iraqi prisoners in the head pointblank at a Baghdad police station to demonstrate his no-nonsense handling of the Iraqi insurgency speaks volumes!

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