Sunday, January 09, 2005


Intelligence Overhaul

Why do we need an intelligence overhaul? If the thing ain't broke, why fix it, as they say. Bush/Rove and their kill-at-least-two-birds-with-every-stone strategy works again, the ruthless power of Christianity washes over every hurdle for these christozombies. The lifelong servants of the CIA, so long protectors of this great nation, are being given their gold watches and a quick boot out the door. Is this any way to treat our protectors?

Well . . . I suppose it is when those protectors have been trying to wage a campaign of exposure towards this president since day one. You see, the CIA is just as corruptible as other government agencies are. It has its honorable layer of employees as well as its corrupted. Those honorable layers of employees are being pushed out, vamoose . . . and replaced with Bush's latest version of the American SS.

Two birds with one stone . . . CIA is overhauled to Bush's advantage and is made to look incompetent at the same time, further distancing Bush and Co. from guilt in the 911 attacks. Bobby Fischer where are you? I KNOW you can beat Rove at chess!

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