Sunday, January 09, 2005


Iraq Elections A Crock

The Bush administration treats the Iraq insurgency issue with the premise that insurgent attacks are meant to disrupt and cancel Iraqi elections scheduled for late January. This plays right into their stated reason for attacking Iraq in the first place, aside from all the other lies that were put before the American public, that we are there to overthrow a brutal tyrant and bring freedom and democracy to Iraq. As our own elections have attested to the past four years- "democracy" is just a word that carries admirable overtones to Americans, but the reality of real verified democracy is no where to be found. Voter suppression and fraud have become commonplace.

Does this administration and do Americans actually believe that Iraqis are concerned about national elections after all they have been put through these past 14 years? In fact, we can go back 24 years and include the Iran-Iraq War which was fueled and encouraged by United States support and arming of Iraq, killing millions of Iraqis and Iranians in the process. This was followed by Gulf War 1, then 13 years of brutal and murderous illegal sanctions against Iraq, and finally the March 2003 unjustified attack on Iraq which has led to over 100,000 more deaths and left the nation in a virtual shambles.

The Iraqi people are mostly aware of the duplicitous nature of American leaders and the empty promises of democracy that they offer. They know that Iraq, after any elections, will NOT be transformed into a nation ruled by one of their own with their interests foremost in mind. Any elected official will have to pass US inspection, meaning that ONLY a US puppet will be emplaced to "rule" the Iraqi people. What is the difference between this and occupation? I really don't know.

Using the now-accepted line that insurgent violence is trying to derail the "democratic" process of an Iraqi election in late January is only a smoke screen to hide the fact that most, if not all Iraqis, do NOT want the United States and its allies running their affairs, stealing their oil and killing, imprisoning and maiming them by the thousands. All they want is some security for their families, a job and a leader who can protect THEIR interests, not the interests of occupational forces. Dangling elections in front of the world as a central issue to the violence that we now see in Iraq is a cruel hoax. These elections will not be representative of Iraqis, and if they even had a chance to be, they will be manipulated in much the same way that our own elections have been, to the benefit of Bush's rich corporate backers!

How can Iraqis trust Americans to bring them fair elections after all they have suffered through by American hands? I don't see how they can!

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