Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Iraq Is Success For War Industries

As Iraqi "insurgents" and United States forces trade hostilities in Iraq, it may seem like a war to most people. But it is not really a war. It is a chessboard for the masters of war, those mysterious behind-the-scenes arms dealers/industrialists that make sure everyone is armed to the teeth. When it comes to the lucrative profits made for these people, BOTH the Iraqi insurgency and the United States forces are on their side. The more that the war can be dragged and instigated on, the more millions of dollars these greedy men make.

Just who is really financing and supplying the Iraqi insurgency? Or better yet, who supplied the Iraqis before they were attacked? I will put a good bet that 90% or more of the weapons that are being used against US soldiers were made with US or US-connected corporations. And since someone might call me a conspiracy theorist for this kind of perspective, I will suggest a conspiracy in this situation- to keep the war going, hence making elections impossible and allowing the USA to keep its firm grip on the "political" situation in Iraq, the insurgency has to be armed. Enter the masters of war.

The global and international corporations that profit immensely by war at the expense of the world's populations do not really care which side wins, as long as the war is long and drawn out, if not perpetual. It is so easy to provoke wars when you have the mainstream media at your disposal, not to mention the political leaders of nations. Anyone who stands up against the War Machine is quickly dealt with. President Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. all were on record as opposing the Viet Nam War, and all three were assassinated in the 60's as our troops died in Viet Nam and a policy of quasi-genocide against the Viet Namese was carried out.

In 1963, as President Kennedy was putting his foot down with regards to USA military/CIA aggressions around the globe, the War Machine responded and reminded the public just who was in charge with a gigantic terrorist act of its own- JFK was brutally murdered in the streets of Dallas, his brains splattered in front of hundreds of onlookers in Dealey Plaza. At present time, as the Kerry campaign picks up more momentum each and every day and puts itself in a position to actually threaten the plans of the War Machine, I am quite sure that domestic assassination is still an option available to terrorize the American public and remind us all who is really in charge. When a wave of peace threatens to wash over the world, a renowned peace leader always seems to be a victim of assassination.

In the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, both Bush and Kerry favor a policy of "staying the course", not pulling USA troops en masse until stability and elections return. Americans are being deceived big time with the arguments being made about mistakes that have been made by the Bush administration leading to the present violent chaos in Iraq. What the public is overlooking here is the long hand of the War Machine, which profits by war and chaos. The present dangerous situation in Iraq is not a failure of this administration- this is the situation that is profitable to the lucrative war industries that help guide Bush's policies. If 911 is labelled an "intelligence failure" by the government/media, when in fact it was an intelligence success, then by the same token the "strategic failure" that we are supposedly witnessing in Iraq can be considered a strategic success for the War Machine.

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