Sunday, January 02, 2005


Iraqi Barbarism?

Four American guards killed in Fullujah were dismembered and then drug through the streets. This action has been termed "barbaric" by the media, and rightfully so. Now, to add a little balance and comprehension to how such a "barbaric" act can occur in the first place, how about some media photos and coverage of the atrocities that have been committed against the Iraqi people the past 14 years by the United States?

-Show some photos of the mutilated and dismembered children that have been victim to American bombs.
-Show some photos of deformed children, the result of US and Britain depleted uranium munitions and the radiation they spread over the country. -Show the wreckage to Iraqi infrastructure that US and Britain military forces so casually visited upon this downtrodden nation.
-Show the bullet-riddled bodies of innocent civilians caught up in the gunfire of trigger-happy occupation forces.
-Show the look of fear and anger and frustration that US occupation has written on the faces of Iraqis, who never did anything to Americans.

Maybe then, with a more balanced coverage by the media and government of BOTH sides in the Iraqi occupation, we can better understand what would drive civilians to the barbarity displayed in Fallujah. I am sure the Bush administration cherishes the opportunity once again to foment American anger towards a nation that we are violating. I am also sure that most of the so-called "barbaric" Iraqis have been driven to barbarism by their barbaric conquerors!

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