Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Iraqi Wish List

Here is a list of things that I am sure would satisfy most Iraqis after being attacked by the United States:

1) A withdrawal of all occupying forces.
2) An Iraqi-only conference to create national political infrastructure and plan fair elections.
3) An apology from the occupying nations for the deaths of Iraqis and destruction to Iraqi infrastructure.
4) A monetary fund set up, funded by the international community, particularly the attacking nations, that doles out substantial damages to all victims of the attack and occupation.
5) An Iraqi-only industrial committee that rebuilds its own country in its own way, without any foreign interference.
6) A written and signed guarantee that Iraq will NEVER be preemptively attacked again, nor will they ever do the same.
7) A war crimes trial for ALL leaders who prosecuted the internationally-illegal Iraq invasion. This includes Saddam Hussein and members of his ruling clique. Obviously, it also includes Bush and his many neo-con and media henchmen.
8) An international cooperation in helping Iraq recover as a nation, but only at the request of the Iraqi government.
9) Referring to #2, a government of their choosing, based on open and fair elections.
10) A national law that forbids any foreign meddling and subversion of Iraqi affairs of state. A set of national laws, voted on by the people's representatives, that encompass the most justice for the Iraqi people.

I think this would be a nice Christmas list, don't you? Everything in this list can be easily achieved if the US government would wake up and smell the coffee and realize that the Iraqi people are going to eventually have the final say in the affairs of their own lives anyway. It would also be a nice Christmas gift to have our troops back home getting on with the lives that have been so rudely interrupted by this warmongering administration. Let's get this list realized and get this ugly war of conquest and occupation behind us!

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