Sunday, January 09, 2005


Iraqis Need Independence, Not Elections

If insurgent violence is the main argument used to prove that Iraqis cannot take care of their own security, then a simple solution would greatly enhance Iraqi prospects of securing their own country- that would be for the United States and Britain to leave, since 99% of the insurgent violence is directed at them.

This administration would have us believe that the violence is an attempt to stop or curtail Iraqi elections, but that is another lie that can be put next to the others that we have heard these past three years. Insurgent violence is directed at the occupational forces because 1) they are illegally occupying a nation and 2) the occupiers illegally attacked Iraq in March, 2003 and have killed over 100,000 Iraqis to this point.

This casualty figure is on top of the millions of Iraqis who had been slaughtered in the 13 years previous to the second Gulf War, not to mention the massive destruction of Iraq's infrastructure. Add to this the torture, murder, rape and desecration of Iraqi culture and you have a real nice formula for recruiting "terrorists". Insurgent violence has nothing to do with impending elections, as the administration would want Americans to accept this premise so they can show that these "terrorists" cannot stand the thought of democracy.

If Americans were in the place that Iraqis have been in these past 25 years, they would be fighting back right now I am sure. If they weren't, I don't see how they could call themselves Americans! After all that has been done to Iraqis by American forces, do you think for one moment that these people can actually trust us anymore?

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