Sunday, January 09, 2005


Is Activism A Waste of Time?

Is massive organized protest in the United States an outgrowth of the CIA? Allowing massive protest demonstrations helps feed the argument that this is a free nation. There seems to be a cat and mouse game going on between the government and protestors. Each side is acknowledging that until a certain point of protest is not breached, there will be no massive bloodshed and reprisal.

A true powerful revolution cannot come from the heart of one individual, but from millions who finally recognize that many others feel the same revulsion that they do. This is the main benefit of mass activism in a nation where true democracy is buried next to Jimmy Hoffa. It allows people the exchange of feelings and ideas and creates a broader-based political movement.

Actually, my first thought tonight as I sat down to write this letter was how activists would eventually have to accept the fact that violence might be the only way to affect positive change today. But reconsidering I went back to the principal of nonviolence as an effective tool. When times are tough for those of us who truly respect the Constitution of the United States of America, we can sometimes get to the point of violence, but all that does is beget more violence(a prime example of this is how mean and ugly those there Iraqis have become since we started hurling bombs at them).

The battle for justice requires unending patience and vigilance. It is not like winning the Super Bowl, but an unending season. The best we can hope for is a fair representation of the people that pay this nation's bills!

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