Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Israeli Supporters Traitors?

In light of the Israeli spying on the United States, which has been ongoing for many years, are we judge those politicians and civic leaders who stand in the way of a full accounting of the spying as traitors? Can you imagine what would happen to someone who had spied for some Arab country or "terrorist" organization. That person would have either been executed or sent to some hellhole like Guantanamo Bay by now. Just take a look at what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, both executed in the 1950's red-scare period for spying, and on far shakier evidence than exists against Israeli spies nowadays!

Unfortunately, the Pledge of Allegiance is not a true statement anymore, if it ever has been. The phrase "and justice for all" simply cannot be considered a realistic appraisal of America. One only has to look at the grossly unfair support that the United States gives to an aggressor nation like Israel. Instead of being grateful and repaying their debts to the American people, Israel turns its spies and assassination teams loose on us and compromises our most basic and precious institutions of democracy. There is no conjecture involved in Israeli activities in the United States. Anyone who doesn't have his head buried up his ass knows by now that the spying has gone on for many years and seems to get more pervasive every year.

Where is the public outcry, not only for justice to be served to protect the American public, but for an accountability of those leaders who not only profit from Israeli lobbies, but stand in the way of any investigation and prosecution of these spies? Certainly anyone who aids and abets spying should himself be considered a traitor. This would place just about our entire executive branch and Congress in this category! With this much power in its pocket, Israel can get away with just about anything, and it has. Israel attacks and instigates for war against its neighboring countries in the Middle East and we lend support. Iraq tends to its own business and gets attacked for "posing" a threat to its neighbors and the world. Go figure!

It is time for Americans to start looking at the unadulterated information about the Israel/US relationship and how it is destroying our very fabric of democracy. Anytime special interests rule the government democracy goes down the drain. Our leaders in Congress and government who would stand by and let this happen, or worse yet, aid in it, should certainly be tried for treason!

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