Sunday, January 02, 2005


Janet's Breast vs. Media Lies

Unbelievable . . . we are supposed to believe that Janet Jackson's bare breast at the Super Bowl halftime show is supposed to be more vulgar than watching our military destroy innocent nations and the media lying to support the claims that justify the invasions? We are supposed to believe her breast is more vulgar than watching our military, geared-up on blatant government lies, maim and murder innocent civilians?

The religious right fanatics and the blindly patriotic in this nation are so unaware of their own hypocrisy! Anything that rains on their parade is abhorrent and unacceptable, yet they willingly acquiesce as our government destroys innocent lives and spreads fear worldwide. Most Americans are so caught up in their arrogance that they aren't even aware that they ARE arrogant and hypocritical!

What is just as ridiculous is the CBS' and the major networks' continual use of violence and sex to promote their programming. It seems that every network program promotion nowadays(those little 10 to 15 second previews thrown in during telecasts that show someone getting shot or some woman in a sexually compromising position) contain snippets of violence and sex to lure viewers. It is the same hypocrisy all over again- the networks take an "I am appalled" stance anytime violence or sexual scandal surfaces and yet they continually peddle both in a shameless attempt to up their ratings!

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