Saturday, January 01, 2005


JFK Assassination Logic

Here are some points to think about for those among us who still cannot accept that President Kennedy was murdered through a coup d' etat and his assassination is "ancient history"-

1) The officially alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, never had a trial, being murdered two days after the assassination by Jack Ruby while in the custody of the Dallas Police Department. There was never any legal proceeding against Oswald, only a government "investigation" carried out by the Warren Commission. The Warren Commission's findings were presented as if they were part of a prosecutor's case in a trial against Oswald. The defense of Oswald was left to assassination researchers the past 40 years, refuting most if not all of the Warren Commission's conclusions.

2) The only trial ever brought against a possible conspirator was Jim Garrison's prosecution of Clay Shaw in New Orleans, which is the main subject of the movie "JFK". In this trial, the media coverage was heavily biased against Garrison and many witnesses who could have supported the prosecution's case were either dead or afraid to testify. Evidence that linked Shaw to Oswald was ruled unacceptable by the court.

3) In light of the above, how can we NOT assume that the covert forces that assassinated JFK are still in place and more powerful than ever? No one has ever been convicted for the JFK assassination. It would be naive to think that after removing JFK, the conspirators went into early retirement and let the United States go on its own course again. The whole purpose of the assassination was to change the course of this nation from peace-seeking and detente to one of military aggressor.

4) The actions of our government these past 40 years attest to this "aggressor" clique that grabbed power on November 22, 1963. War-making is a supremely lucrative business for the military/industrial complex and its many agents. The United States has waged war on other nations since the end of World War 2, yet since that time Congress has NOT ONCE declared war, a duty which is theirs exclusively by our Constitution.

The conspirators that killed JFK have overridden Congress to get their wars, invoking the War Powers Act to rev up the Viet Nam War, and more recently, the USA attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. By controlling the president, they control our foreign and domestic policies. The Kennedy assassination is still very relevant because the men who plotted his demise represented forces that currently still usurp the power that we Americans deserve by our Constitution!


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