Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Judging Ourselves

Before the United States began to throw its weight around the world, they should have taken a good hard look at themselves. The mirror that we would have looked into would have been the image that the rest of the world has of us. It is not a pretty one as our government and media would want us to believe. Americans are deluding themselves that the world has a love affair going on with them. Americans are seemingly in a self-delusionary materialistic momentum that probably can't be disturbed accept by some momentous and tragic national circumstance. 911 certainly brought many Americans together at first in a survival mentality mode, but as the initial shock wore off the government kept the issue alive by invoking retaliation on any nation it wanted to as a result of 911. In this case, the tragedy did not awaken people as much as it scared them back into a secure hiding spot. In their fear, the government is not opening their minds to their servility, but preying upon it

So instead of the United States examining the root causes of terrorism, the government falsely explains a myth as to why "terrorists" hate America. We are led to believe that the world out there is jealous of the United States and that is why they attack us- because our way of life makes them look bad in front of the whole world. In reality, whatever terrorism that IS directed again the United States(where are all of the convictions forthcoming in the War on Terror? . . . I would rather have confirmed and honest convictions of "terrorists" than thousands of dead bodies of what we are to believe were at least potential terrorists) is more-than-likely a result of US interference and subversion of other nations' affairs, mainly through the CIA and defense department.

The government will never let the American people take a good hard look at themselves and how they have become complacent to genocide and aggression on the part of their supposed leaders. Why would our leaders admit their crimes? If someone or something can reach the consciences of most Americans, then maybe we can make a concerted attempt to pressure changes in our foreign policies. Don't hold your breath here, though! It is going to take Americans a long time to dig out under the shit pile that our government, through corporate string pullers, has buried us under.

I am not presuming that Americans are bad people nowadays. I KNOW that Americans for the most part are honest, hardworking and law-abiding people. However, they will never be able to give an honest appraisal of their government's actions because they are being misled about them. The mirror is being blocked out by our government and its media bodyguards. We are not seeing what the rest of the world is experiencing because of our leaders' misguided and immoral policies.

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