Saturday, January 01, 2005


Justice By Logic

Let's examine for a moment the three steps to any crime:

1) Planning
2) Execution
3) Cover-up

The first two steps are fairly easy for most people to grasp- the perpetrators plan their crime and then carry through on it. The third step, however, is probably the most important part of the crime. Obviously, one or more people committing a crime have to have safeguards to evade law enforcement. Without this safeguard, the crime will more-than-likely not be committed. Even so, most people don't seem to grasp that coverups of any crime can lead to the guilty parties just as much as evidence can.

Americans, for instance, are seemingly caught up in steps 1 and 2 when it comes to 911. Arab terrorists planned 911 and then carried it out in spectacular fashion, or so the government insists. With certain Arab guilt implanted in people's minds with respect to the first two stages of the 911 attacks, Americans seem to ignore the third and most important aspect of the crime: the cover-up. They don't seem to ask the question- "How can these same conspiring Arab terrorists pull the strings of the Bush administration, which has repeatedly hindered and blocked an objective investigation of 911?" This IS the cover-up of 911, orchestrated by our very own leaders.

With this simple model in mind, let's examine 911 with respect to the United States government, or more specifically, the Bush administration.

1) Planning- because of "plausible deniability" the real orchestrators of 911 will probably never be identified. However, double agents can infiltrate "enemy" groups and be vital in advancing a plot or even hatching one. Once this plot gets a life of its own it is just a matter of directing it toward its execution. The "moles" or double agents make sure that it stays on course. Since Al Qaeda and many other Islamic terrorist groups have been created and/or funded by the CIA in the past, it is not too farfetched to suggest that 911 was started AND orchestrated by US covert ops. As the saying goes- "Once CIA, always CIA." Anyone who thinks that the USA would reject any ties to Islamic intelligence/operative assets is being totally naive. If they can be used, why get rid of them, especially since this relationship is a covert one that can be easily hidden from the public? The power of the orchestrators in the government can pave a clean route for the conspirators, too. Witness the many FBI investigations of terrorists that were stymied by the government in the years before 911.

2) Execution- No one can be certain that Arab terrorists actually hijacked those airliners on 911. The FBI concluded the use of stolen identities and several of the alleged "terrorists" were found to be alive after 911. Actually, there is very little evidence, if any at all, that points to Arab terrorists with resounding guilt. The government has presented nothing more than a circumstantial case, and even the "circumstances" are full of questions and holes. What IS concrete beyond question, however, is the actions of our government on 911. No jets were scrambled to intercept the airliners, despite numerous terror warnings in the days and months preceding 911. This stand-down of our air defenses can only be attributed to the highest levels of our government. There were other suspicious activities on the part of the government, but I will use just this nonaction to include the Bush administration in this step of the crime.

3) Cover-up- Obviously, the Bush administration has been instrumental in keeping the real facts of 911 from reaching the light of day. No forensic investigation was allowed on the ruins of the World Trade Centers, much to the dismay of law enforcement officials. If the Bush administration has REAL evidence that substantiates their version of 911, then why don't they let the public see it? Until this administration satisfactorily answers questions surrounding 911, we can only conclude that there is a massive cover-up in progress. Certainly claims of "national security" cannot apply to every important question concerning the 911 attacks!

The actions of the Bush administration in taking part in steps 2 and 3 are beyond question in my opinion. My question is this- If someone is complicit in steps 2 and 3 of a crime, how can they NOT be also complicit in step #1? In fact, even if someone is complicit in only ONE of the three steps, he is still part of the crime! These irrefutable facts stand out for any American to see, but the attention given to steps 1 and 2 by the government has distracted from the third important phase, the cover-up. Americans have to start using their own heads and stop relying on the government for their opinions and beliefs!

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