Sunday, January 09, 2005


The Last Resort

Most Americans have to be completely frustrated by now, especially after another display of non-representation by our elected representatives yesterday. Just remember this one thing as we move ahead into another nightmarish four years of George Bush and Co,- anytime a government refuses or blocks an investigation into apparent wrongdoing, it not only is not doing its sworn duty, but it is covering up wrongdoing on the part of its members. When someone or something refuses to be investigated, you can bet that there is something there to hide, period!

Many people may be asking themselves just what can be done when all avenues of legal democratic means have been used to no avail. I have a suggestion for these people that may save them and alot of others lots of pain and trouble- let the present members of this illegal, compromised and immoral government hang themselves. If all else fails, this seems to be the ultimate check on those leaders who would totally subvert human democratic processes for personal gain. I have a strong confidence that the true American spirit will prevail as these criminals we call our leaders hang themselves one by one!

In the movie "War of the Worlds"(Orson Welles) it looked hopeless for earthlings as the alien invaders destroyed everything in their path with ease, using high tech weaponry that rendered our weapons useless. What finally destroyed the alien invaders was something totally unseen to the naked eye- bacteria! What is going to eventually bring down the "alien" invaders of the United States government is the putrid hatred that they espouse to create a lynch mob mentality among the American people. This hatred is going to consume these people and bring them down, mark my word!

It took almost 60,000 dead American troops in Viet Nam before this nation militarily withdrew, and in the 30 years since that moment, we have not been attacked by Viet Nam and the domino theory of communist advance has not taken place. This was one of the main reasons that we supposedly went to fight in Viet Nam- another lie to justify a war that made the war industries richer. How many more deaths will it take in Iraq before people once again have the numbers to turn the tide to sanity again here in the states? 50,000? 100,000? One thing is certain- the number of deaths in Iraq is not now and will never be a factor for the warmongering monsters that inhabit the White House.

Once again, as in the Viet Nam saga, it will be the American people who will be lied to, who will suffer, who will pay with their hard-earned money, who will be abused by our legal institutions, and who will eventually reach a stage of mass revulsion. Unfortunately, when this nightmare is over with, people will quickly forget the real reasons and culprits and our children will be educated to believe that America's present failures are to be blamed on those that stood up against the insanity. Then in another 30 years or so, we will have another brainwashed generation ready to attack some other nation under the guise of spreading democracy and freedom and fighting some imaginary enemy! WE may rid the present pack of government war lackeys, but their masters will live on to fool the public into fighting more wars for them.

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