Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Letting The Bush Train Crash

Most Americans are in a state of anxiety about the impending elections because of the blatant corruption and ruthlessness of this administration. Stealing an election will be easy pickings with the media as its guard dog and there will be nothing that the public will be able to do about it. Personally, I abide by the motto that "every man has a right to hang himself" and am quite sure that this current crop of corporate criminal politicians will get theirs in the end. The only question is how long it will take before this nation finally wakes up from the delusions that our government has brainwashed us with.

In 1972 Richard Nixon won reelection by using a severe dirty tricks campaign against his Democratic opponents, picking them of one by one. By 1974, however, exposed and disgraced by the Watergate scandal, Nixon resigned in disgrace. This would never have happened had it not been for the investigative aggressiveness of the Washington Post's Woodward and Bernstein. At the rate George Bush and his corporate-raider fraternity "good ol' boy" network is going, we may have armed insurrection before another Bush term is completed. Not only are many American citizens angered by Bush's policies, but so are men of high ranking in military, intelligence and law enforcement.

This may sound weird to some, but another Bush term may be a plus in the long run. As long as we have the Iran/Contra/BCCI/assassinations/anti-Castro/anti-democracy crowd in power in Washington we at least have a chance as citizens to expose their underhanded and immoral dealings to all Americans. If Bush loses the election, he will just go his merry way with all that he has stolen from hardworking Americans and NEVER be prosecuted for his crimes. The new focus will be shifted to John Kerry, who like Bush, will cater to the corporate powers and Israel. The damage has already been done many times over, so it doesn't matter at this point if he wins or loses. The biggest injustice is regardless of the election outcome, Bush and his minions of billionaire and millionaire and religious bigots who started an illegal and immoral war on an innocent and defenseless people will walk away scot free!

There has to be a national movement designed to bring ALL American leaders still alive who have presided over war crimes to justice. This movement should also target corporate corruption in steering the government to profit corporations, regardless of the human cost. Congressional leaders who have endorsed unconstitutional decrees should also be removed from office. There is so much unaccountability and corruption in our government now that a total overhaul of personnel may be necessary to clean house! The American people are going to have to start saying "No" to the powers that abuse our liberties. When a government is unaccountable to its supposed constituents, the represented have no other recourse than to NOT go along with its agendas, dissociating themselves from their corrupt leaders and system. We can all start this dissociation by saying "No" to their illegal wars, their phony elections, their unconstitutional taxation and their propagandic media umbrella. Just say "NO!"

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