Sunday, January 02, 2005


"Magic" Trade Centers

After President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, it took many years before Americans in significant numbers actually began to realize that the Warren Commission conclusions did not stand up to the facts. The centerpiece of the Warrren Report and FBI conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Kennedy as a "lone nut" is the single bullet theory, which was composed by Senator Arlen Spector. This theory concludes that one bullet, fired from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository by Oswald, struck Kennedy in the back of the neck, transited his neck, then went on to enter Governor John Connolly in the right shoulder blade, passing through his chest and wrist and finally coming to rest in his thigh.

This conclusion is preposterous in light of the condition of the bullet that the Commission stated did this damage. It was in near pristine condition and should have been badly deformed, if not in pieces, after inflicting seven separate wounds in Kennedy and Connolly. In addition to this was the alignment of Kennedy and Connolly when the supposed "magic bullet" was fired- they were not aligned for such a trajectory to cause these wounds. The bullet would have had to make a detour after exiting Kennedy's front throat and make a sharp right turn to enter Connolly's right shoulder blade.

Let's now quickly turn the clock to September 11, 2001 and the destruction of the World Trade Centers. Once again, as in the Warren Report, the government's version of the crime rests of a premise that is physically impossible. This is the premise that the Trade Centers collapsed because of the fires from the burning fuel of the airliners. This has been accepted without question by most Americans without any real critical thought as to the possibilties. The burning fuel certainly did not come close to a temperature that would have melted the steel girders in the buildings. No forensic investigation was conducted on the steel frames as they were quickly shipped overseas as scrap metal!

The alleged melting steel frames of the World Trade Centers are the "magic bullet" of 911. Without this accepted premise in the 911 official version, the whole government explanation collapses. The same thing can be said of the supposed Oswald "magic bullet", because, of course, if Kennedy and Connolly were hit by separate bullets, it had to be a conspiracy because the time between their being impacted by bullets is too short for Oswald to have accomplished this by himself. By the same token, if the Trade Centers fell because of something other than the fires, it indicates an inside job and thus, government complicity. This is the one pertinent fact that Americans should be educated to right now. Once it is understood, then everything after 911 comes clearly into focus!

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