Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Message To GI Joe

Dear American troops in Iraq
I pray for your safe return to normal life here in the states. I cringe at how our deceitful group of leaders in the White House and their kiss-ass lackeys in Congress have put you in harm's way in a war based on greed and lies. You have been forced to do their dirty work in a an immoral venture that cannot but set the welfare of the American people back for years.
Future generations of Iraqis and other Middle Easterners will undoubtedly remember and be taught how this war of aggression was waged on a basically defenseless and innocent nation. The seeds of reprisal and terrorism are being created in all this, not quashed as our lying leaders would have us all believe. I am sure that they would rather have these seeds come to fruition in the future so that they can continue justifying their immoral wars of conquest. As this happens you will continue to pay for it with your own blood.
My parents taught me to respect all human beings and I do, regardless of what our leaders and media would want us to believe and feel. These are very hateful times because people have a tendency to defuse their frustrations and anger and hatred on people who are scapegoated by our leaders. When people do not have enough information to counter the propaganda they are being bombarded daily with, they go along with the bandwagon of hatred and persecution. It is the politics of hate and this present government is in the same league as Hitler and his henchmen from Nazi Germany in the 1920's, 30's and 40's. Look what eventually happened to those Nazi assholes!
Our forefathers died and sacrificed so that we could live a safe and decent life on this planet. We can pay homage to this sacrifice by continuing the traditions of constructive international and domestic policies that America is supposed to stand for. Or we can blaspheme their memory by laying to waste all that they strove so hard and died for. By carrying out the deceitful and destructive policies of this government, you are unknowingly defecating on the graves of these past great and heroic Americans. You are being used to spread destruction and hatred towards innocent, taxpaying and law-abiding Americans, many who will have to pay for the sins of this present group of thugs we call our leaders.
I only hope that it will never come to the time when our own troops are brainwashed and readied to attack Americans who would rise up and demand an end to this insanity! Americans truly support our troops, and we want them deployed in a manner respectful of our Constitution, not as a mercenary force for the rich and powerful. I am not trying to undermine your morale, as I am sure many of you are already questioning our actions in the Middle East. I just want you to stop and consider what a disservice this government has done to all Americans and future generations on this planet by attacking a nation that never really deserved the hell that we have delivered to it!
May God's grace be with you!

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