Monday, January 03, 2005


Military To Mercenary

It looks like Donald Rumsfeld is training a mercenary army in Iraq, one free from the restrictions of public criticism. The military is being geared to do it the way corporations want it done, the mercenary way. This means ignoring the means and embracing the ends, throwing all human considerations out the window.

The perverse treatment of inmates at Abu Graib and many other US prisons around the world is but a discourse in the dehumanization of the "enemy". As the thinking probably goes- "Dehumanize the enemy and you break his will." The lessons learned by torturers and molestors at prison facilities will be passed on and pushed into US military curricula- Prison Torture 101.

Why the prison abuse? Simple. Our leaders are so arrogant and cocksure of their agenda that they don't even consider the unlawfulness of their actions. They consider themselves above the law, which they probably are. If they can get away with breaking Geneva Treaty agreements concerning treatment of prisoners of war why not teach present and future soldiers how a real soldier defeats the "enemy". As the military becomes more of a private mercenary force for corporate interests, it becomes more alien to the American public, which becomes a possible target for it.

Throughout history the military has usually been the deciding force when push comes to shove between the abusive leaders and the abused people. The military, with all or most of its members from the general populace, will mostly always side with a coalition of the people against the power elite. If leaders of a nation can "privatize" the military to a large enough size where it wouldn't matter what commanders thought about the ruling elite, the people will have a real fight on their hands reclaiming their power.

I just don't think Rumsfeld will ever be able to create a large enough "killing machine" mercenary force to totally put down public unrest in the United States. Hitler had his own mercenary force in that the German people were totally left out of the decisions of the German armies. What it came down to was not a fight of the Nazis vs. the German people, but the Nazis against the rest of the world. It may get to a point in the future, with neo-conservatives constantly pushing for war, that the rest of the world may have to do what the American people are seemingly incapable of doing- destroying the mercenary armies and wrest back civilian/public control of the military.

A nation that unilaterally threatens the rest of the world will eventually have to answer for its actions!

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