Sunday, January 09, 2005


Mossad In America?

One of your readers asked why Mossad agents are roaming around in the United States. The answer is quite simple- Israel and Israeli interests have all but taken over the United States government. This has been done over a long period of time and out of the public's view. When you stop and consider the Jewish/Zionist ownership of most of our major media outlets, it is easy to see how our nation has been subverted by a foreign power without the vast majority of Americans having even a slight clue! The next thing to look at is the powerful influence of the AIPAC and JINSA lobbies, which can make or break a political candidate based on their towing or not towing the Israeli line.

Our government and our leaders have been badly compromised in all this. It is almost as if our leaders, and particularly the Bushes and their corporate/intelligence clique, are being blackmailed by Israelis. This makes sense to me in the sense that anyone who does research on the Bush family can certainly dig up mountains of dirty laundry that could put a quick end to Bushonian politics if the majority of Americans were privy to it. The Zionist-controlled media could bring the Bushes down in a New York minute with this explosive information!

The truth about Israeli spying and undue political influence is also being kept hidden from the public. If an when enough Americans become aware that their government has been stolen and their kids are dying for the greedy interests of an ungrateful nation, Israel, I am sure there will be heads rolling in the streets. Right now there is a power play going on between our highest law enforcement agency, the FBI, and Israeli interests that want the extent of Israeli spying and subterfuge kept out of the courts and public domain.

One more scary thought in all of this- Is the FBI being set up with the AIPAC spying scandal? Just like the CIA was set up with 911, being blamed for incompetence and/or lack of organization, when all of us informed citizens KNOW who was really behind it, so the FBI could be in a similar position right now to be set up to take a fall, thus justifying a housecleaning, similar to what is happening to our intelligence agencies. Where is J. Edgar when you need him, huh? Oh, that's right, Hoover had his own closet of private secrets- the master blackmailer was himself in a position to be blackmailed. To blackmail or to be blackmailed- this seems to be the main question in the power corridors of Washington DC nowadays!

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