Sunday, January 02, 2005


Myth of Democracy

As the 2004 presidential election fast approaches us, I can't help but be swept over with the feeling that most Americans actually think that we have an honest democratic system in place in this nation. It is both sad and frustrating to me that so many people are going through the motions of a democratic process not realizing that the elections are tainted and predetermined in this age of government/media deception. The candidates that truly threaten the status quo of the rich and powerful will never make it to the Oval Office.

Democratic/Republican politics and polarization have divided this nation over the years to the point where truth now takes a back seat to party loyalties and bias. Our elections kill two birds with one stone for the powers-that-be: it allows them to place their puppet in power under the guise of "democracy" and by implementing the supposed democracy of a multi-party(actually only two) system, it allows them to keep the American public divided and conquered as far as challenging their power base.

When I was young, I remember my father suggesting that elections were nothing more than popularity contests. This is true, as long as candidates win the electoral vote as well. Unfortunately, most of the criteria for people's voting choices nowadays are filtered through the media, which can easily make or break a candidate. Someone may have all the answers to getting this nation back on track to what America is really supposed to stand for in this world, but if he(she) threatens the power base of the shadow government, he is easily disposed of. Our candidates are not really picked by the people- they are handed to us on a platter by the media.

The current state of politics in this nation is cancerous to true democracy. Between media distortions of truth, or just plain outright lies, as well as the bitter divisions that the Republican/Democratic dichotomy has engendered, truth has taken a back seat to the "win at all cost" mentality. As long as this nation is not guided by truth, democracy is nothing more than a myth and a sham for the blinded population to believe in. If people truly determine their own destinies, they need real unadulterated information with which to make decisions. Government by deception has replaced democracy in the United States of America!

It is nice to be able to vote for our leaders, but a vote is nothing when it is based on anything short of the truth. Being aware of what our government and its leaders are really up to is a far greater effective tool in a democracy than some vote, based on lies, going to a candidate that neither you nor I chose in the first place!

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