Monday, January 03, 2005


Nation In Denial

Speaking of nations in denial, take a look at the United States OF America, not America in itself.

The USA fails too admit-
1) Our economy is in a shambles with no one being able to effect positive solutions.
2) Our foreign policy has made enemies worldwide and increased the dangerous reactions of terrorism.
3) Our most publically-revered leaders, men generally of peace and for the common man, have been brutally eliminated.
4) Our military is nothing more than a mercenary force for big corporations now, with the suckered American citizen footing the bill.
5) We were at serious fault in attacking a nation that had never harmed us in any way. The blood of innocents is on all of our hands.
6) Our leaders are corrupted beyond any moral standards of decency. The dollar speaks to them, not the people.
7) Our culture has gone to the dogs. The media enforces a hypocritical set of standards for all of us. We have become nothing more than robots dancing to the masters banjo.
8) Our legal system is abused to the benefit of the wealthy. The Supreme Court is bought and paid.
9) Big corporations determine people's tastes through the media. We are poisoned by unbridled consumerism.
10) We need to start cooperating with the rest of the world in a straight-forward and honest manner to regain our respect and true standing in the world community of nations.

We all need to go to a neighborhood encounter group of Denial Anonymous!

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