Wednesday, January 05, 2005


National Security For US Only?

Why is it that I get the feeling that our "leaders" seem to go on the axiom that only the United States of America is entitled to national security? Aren't other nations entitled to their own mechanisms of protection, including weapons programs that deter foreign aggression? Whatever happened to peaceful coexistence?

The irony to all of this is the fact that the United States is far and away the preeminent military power on this planet. This alone should act as a deterrent to invasion- what nation in its right mind would want to engage the US military in battle? This may sound a bit weird to some readers, but if you have a proven dominant military might, you should never really have to use it.

To draw an analogy, imagine a school yard bully demanding that the school's administration allow him to take advantage of defenseless students under the guise of protecting himself! Of course, in the case of the United States, the "school administration"(United Nations) is nothing more than something to go along with only when it benefits the US(and Israel), and something to abuse and ignore when it doesn't.

Our deceptive government wants us to always feel that we are on the defense against other nations and international conspiracies, when in fact it is the United States that is stirring up the hornet's nest. If someone wants to intone that 911 was our wake-up call to start military operations against our "terrorist enemies", thus justifying the current wave of US military aggression abroad, I can only say that it is all based on conjecture and lies since 911 has never been honestly and openly investigated by an uncompromised panel of citizens.

In fact, the current spate of revelations about the lies and distortions that were used to justify attacking Iraq only serve to cloud out the equally serious questions as to who was really responsible for 911. As soon as(and if we can) find those responsible for the lies that led us to war, resulting in thousands of deaths, then maybe we can turn to the next wall of deception, 911, and begin to tear it down on the public stage!

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