Saturday, January 08, 2005


Next Election Tax Return Day?

Many if not most Americans are frustrated and angered that George Bush and his merry group and anti-democratic thugs apparently stole another election on November 2. What is to stop these power-hungry monsters from retaining power in 2008 by simply inserting another Bush-like puppet in the Oval Office? Right now, I see nothing at all that can stop this fascist train that screeching across the American landscape and has its eyes set on the natural resources of other nations. I see hard times ahead for the American people who want a government that represents their interests, not just the interests of the rich and powerful. There IS a trickle down effect in place in this government, but the sound of trickling is Bush and Co. urinating on the American public!

There IS a way to bring this insanity to a stop, and I believe the right to activate this technique is spelled out in the Constitution. It will come down to a showdown between the Constitution(Supreme Court) and those that either ignore it or distort its meaning to favor their greedy and anti-civil rights agendas. With Bush in the process of stacking the Supreme Court with like-minded people(something that all presidents have done to one degree or another) who would turn back decades of civil rights legislation, the rulings may not look rosy to people who strictly adhere to the Constitution and its checks on tyranny.

What is this technique that can possibly bring down the War Party fascists in Washington DC? It is quite simple- if you feel that this government is not representing the interests of the American people, then refuse to pay your taxes! Put your money where your convictions lie, or in this case, DONT put your money there. If enough Americans, like millions, can take a courageous step against tyranny, it is going to be hard for the government hatchet men to deal with the problem. It will be like a strike against the American government. Also, if enough people refuse to "render unto Caesar" the media will eventually be pressured to report more truths to the public.

We can go out and protest our asses off in the streets, but what does this really accomplish? 1) It further infuriates the naive ignorant suckers who blindly support this president 2) it gives the appearance to the world that, yes indeed, there IS democracy in America because people can actually protest without being gunned down(yet) and 3) It gives the government a rebuttal point that always seems to carry the day and is the final word, thanks to a totally complicit media. Refusing to pay taxes to this illegal and criminal government cuts to the core of the issue. It let's the government know that Americans are aware that they are nothing more than tax slaves!

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1865. What is it going to take to free the American tax slaves in the new millennium? Americans are going to have to be prepared to commit acts of civil disobedience, NONVIOLENT acts, to turn the tide back to what America is really supposed to stand for at home and around the world- a true beacon of freedom and democracy, not fascism and corporate piracy.

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