Tuesday, January 04, 2005


No One To Blame But Themselves

George Bush's many minions of supporters, apologists and hate-mongers may see anti-Bush and antiwar protest as treason, but they have no one to blame but themselves for it. If this nation is indeed a democracy, then I have to assume that we ALL are entitled to a voice. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that any voice that goes against the grain of this government's agenda is blocked out and censured by the mainstream media. Meanwhile, the government's agenda is propagated to Americans, most of whom still take its word as gospel without providing any critical or inquisitive thinking.

Robert Kennedy once said that "if peaceful revolution is impossible then violent revolution is inevitable." What we are seeing today in the streets of New York, and around the world for that matter, as people try to educate others and protest what they feel are immoral and illegal government policies, is but a symptom of a system that does NOT offer a fair and open forum for people with grievances. Another way to describe this is dictatorship or totalitarianism. What other choice is there for people to get the word out to others, to make themselves heard, than to take to the streets and protest? There ARE other ways, obviously, such as through the Internet, but the most effective way to reach most Americans would be through the mainstream media.

The mainstream media, which technically is supposed to keep us all informed about world events, is nothing more than a tool of MISINFORMATION. It is owned and dominated by corporations and can keep people under control by just regulating their thoughts and feelings through the creation and maintenance of false and misleading perceptions about the world. People who can see through this mirage and try to warn others and protest are being repressed on a grand scale. Americans are getting only one side of the story, and a false one at that, through the mainstream media.

President Bush's supporters can cry all they want about protest, but until ALL Americans are provided a fair and open forum in which to educate fellow citizens on the real issues that affect us today, they can only blame themselves. And until Americans have a real open forum in which to learn the truth about our government's actions, I cannot call this nation a democracy. The quality of a true democracy rests on how well the people are informed, not misled. This government has so much to hide- that is why there is such a repressive state existing nowadays towards peaceful and law-abiding protest. By clamping down on protest the government is simply trying to keep the can of worms closed as much as possible!

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