Sunday, January 09, 2005


No-Win Situation For REAL Americans

Regardless of what happens from here on out with regard to the war on terror, the most pressing problem for Americans who oppose Bush and Co.'s repressive policies is the rampant and all-pervasive ignorance on the part of millions of their fellow citizens. If American troops are eventually recalled en masse from Iraq, where they are running around in circles and accomplishing little more than further enflaming anti-American hatred, while getting themselves killed for the oil companies and Israel, the blame for "retreat" or "defeat", whatever it will be termed by the media, will be placed in the laps of those who opposed the Iraq war.

History that was taught after the Viet Nam war to young people in this nation implicated the antiwar movement for our failures in South East Asia. This is one of the main reasons why the United States has yet to learn from its experiences there- because it cannot face up to the realities of Viet Nam, instead placing blame on its fellow citizens, just like Hitler did after World War One. Viet Nam ended the way it did because US engagement there was uncalled-for and unjustified, just like it is in Iraq right now. If a nation enters into war based on obfuscation and lies, the military and any eventual occupation will always be tainted and hamstrung by this. If you can't win the hearts and minds of people in a truthful way, you can never really win a war!

The biggest battle facing this nation is the battle against lies and ignorance, against the massive infrastructure of propaganda that now controls the thoughts and feelings if millions of misled Americans. It is these misled Americans who will be used to discredit and do harm to those of us who revere the truth and facts and condemn all forms of governmental deceit. As long as the government and its war-mongering and profiteering handlers can convince Americans that our shortcomings in war are not the result of our own miscalculations and misconceptions, but of "traitors" amongst us, they will be able to continue waging wars against innocent peoples everywhere. This is why the battle for truth here in the states supercedes any and all battles around the globe!

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